Where the Celebrities Go in France – Fan Tailing the Stars

Planning the ultimate Parisian experience in the trendiest destination is not an easy task. This city provides elegant sophistication offering evidence why celebrities’ flock to such hot spots. A few reasons that make these hot spots significant are the high-end boutiques, glamorous settings, cocktails, and exquisite cuisine. Celebrities mostly love visiting Paris. Visitors coming to Paris and walking around the streets can dream of meeting a celebrity by chance. In case this happens, there is an incredible chance to show-off your luck to your friends. Though there is just a minuscule chance of that happening without a plan, you can still benefit by knowing how to react in such a situation.

Spotting Celebrities in The Dark

The most celebrities can be spotted at Le Black Calvados and Le Baron.  These are the two trendiest clubs in Paris. If you manage to get into one of these clubs, you automatically run into an opportunity of meeting Sofia Coppola, Kristen Dunst or even Leonardo di Caprio.  There is another club named Le VIP Room which is less selective and is mainly the choice of international celebrities. If luck has it, you may spot some hot stars at this location.

Dining at Celebrity Hubs

French celebrities either own a few of the Paris restaurants, or they frequent them. Hotel Costes, in rue Saint Honore and L’Avenue in Avenue Montaigne, are the two places highly preferred by celebrities such as Beyonce, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Jay-Z.  There is a Vietnamese restaurant, Le Sourire de Saigon which is frequently visited by Leonardo Dicaprio or Vanessa Paradis. These are a few of the places some of the celebrities are spotted often when they are in Paris. Of course, this doesn’t guarantee you a chance of meeting them, even if they are in Paris.

Ideas to Meet Celebrities in Paris

  • Checking the press gossip news will give you a clear idea of who is in town, and also keeping a watchful eye on the Instagram pages of the celebrities helps.
  • Typically, Fashion Week is the time for international stars to visit Paris. You may find them around during the promotion of their films of CDs.

Fortunately, if you are in Paris during these days, you can hope to catch a glimpse of these stars if you wait by their hotel for as long as you could. To make it easier either choose famous hotels such as the Plaza or the Westin where most celebrities prefer staying.

Luck has to work your way for you to be able to meet the celebrities. For instance, it is a usual practice for Cara Delevingne and Rita Ora to stay at George V.  In case the Fashion Week is at the time of your stay, note that some of the events are held in the Opera Garnier. All you have to do is check the program, go in time so that you get to see these personalities at the end of the show. Be prepared to meet a massive crowd because there would be hundreds like you.

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