What to Do in Marseille in a Day

The breathtaking Marseille is France’s oldest city, and every year thousands of tourists visit this Mediterranean paradise. Offering a multitude of activities and attractions, it is impossible to do everything in Marseille. With this mini guide to give you a hint of the things to do and sights to see, you will definitely get the best of the city. Here are some of the various activities you can enjoy in Marseille in a day.

Go on a sumptuous food trip

There are hundreds of fine dining restaurants, cool cafes, and bakeries in this city and it’s the most flavorful experience you can get. Start the day with some bread and coffee.

Randomly walk into any pastry shop and you will definitely not be disappointed. The pastries are very authentic and freshly baked with Marseille love. You can go the whole day tasting and enjoying various kinds of flavors that you can only find in Marseille.

For lunch, the city’s famed bouillabaisse fish stew is a definite must-try. Try this authentic cuisine at Le Miramar in the center of the Old Port, where you can get a lavish lunch plus a relaxing view of the harbor. If fish isn’t really your thing, then there are dozens of other joints that offer Italian, African, and other international cuisines to suit your taste. End the day with another delectable dinner of your choice with some very nice wine to top it off.

Do a city tour

Being a trade port during the Roman Empire, Marseille is best experienced along its shores. Just stroll along the docks of Old Port, Vieux-Port, and smell the salty sea breeze caressing your face as the yachts and fishing boats dance in the waves around you.

The best time for a stroll is early in the morning when the local market is at its busiest. If you’re lucky, you can even get fresh fish and seafood at a very friendly price. If you’re unlucky, then you can just grab one of the famous savon de Marseille from the vendors on the dock.

After a relaxing stroll through the port, head up to the MuCEM for some Marseille history lessons. This museum is known for its distinctive exterior and the fascinating exhibitions found inside. Climb up to the rooftop of the museum and just enjoy the view of the city while drinking some cappuccino.

Your next stop will be the Fort Saint Jean. Dating from 1660, the fort was built as a defense for the local uprising against the governor back in the days. Today, it is a lovely garden and example of fine architecture for the city.

Go high up for a relaxing city view

What can be more photo worthy than a 360-degree view of the city?

Notre Dame de la Garde offers you that as well as plenty of cute cats to complete your experience. Considered the highest point in the city, the walk up to La Garde can be quite exhausting, but the view is one for the books and will finish off your day nicely.

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