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People believe France is the place for beer drinkers and wine lovers to the point that they can be seen sipping wine or beer anywhere in Paris. In reality, beer is just a favourite drink, the same as wine at a bar or café. The well-known French brewing companies are La Coulette, Castelain, Jenlain, and Kronenbourg. Biere de gardes are the most celebrated French beers, and they are exceptional among beers. This is a rare type of beer and was almost in danger of disappearance. Fortunately, Biere de gardes came back in northern France, in the regions namely, Picardy, Flanders, Pas de Calais. The beer connoisseurs and beer enthusiasts enjoy this spicy, robust and malty drink.

France has French specialty beer, but that does not indicate it is the best beer. The French brew makes it along with different types of French beers that are global favourites. This includes both bold and subtle ones, and there is abundant French beer to taste. French has a long history with beer and rightly known as a wine country because it has over 1200 breweries in France. Here Are a Few Things About French Beer That Is Good to Know

France Has its Own Beer Style

French beer has been around for ages. The traditional French beer style refers to the farming days in rural France, and Biere de Garde was the only strong beer made in winter. This was stored for the warmer summer months when the brewing conditions were not suitable. After the First World War, beer was adapted to a smooth and satiny style in the aim of competing with the lagers. It also became less malty. Modern Bière de Garde varies with the interpretation in the market. It varies by location and does not follow the predetermined characteristics. You can now find the French brewers in the Haute-de France region across the Belgian border.

The French Love to Mix

A drink known as panache is prominent among the French people. Panache is a beery drink that has half beer and is mixed with half carbonate lemonade. A variation known as Monaco is the Panache featuring a shot of red fruit syrup or grenadine.

The Brewery Name is Different from the Brand Name

It is not always that the brewery name is the same as the brand name. For instance, Ch’ti is the brewery of the Castelain beer line.  Likewise, Brewery St. Germain beers are produced in the brand name ‘Page 24’. Not all the breweries have the same brand name, and so it reveals the fact that the French do not follow the rule.

French Craft Beer Bars and Microbreweries are Blossoming

The biggest brewers such as Meteor and Kronenbourg, even today, control the beer market as they produce by the tons in comparison to other countries. This craft beer is making a smooth re-entry into France. The highest rated breweries in France are Le Triangle, Hoppy Road, Brasserie Popihn, Brasserie Iron, O’Clock Brewing, The Piggy Brewing Company, La Debauche, Brasserie Correzienne, and Brasserie du Grand Paris.

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