The Finesse of French Delicacies

France is a lavish country that is especially famed for its extravagance in the finer things of life. The aged wines, arts and elite fashion have become an expectation of France. When you travel to France, you want to indulge your senses. There are spectacular sites to see and food to try that are privy to the lands of France. When you travel, there is an opportunity to enjoy different cultures. Foods, beverages and customs are found to vary by individual regions around the world. Delicacies of the area may seem to be of an eclectic persuasion than your typical Sunday night dinner. Meals from home are often mainstream meats and starches that complete a recipe. France has redefined the traveling menu with a culinary style they are renowned for.

Fine French Tastes

The following three French foods are world-wide famous. At the first glance, the ingredients may appear to be unusual. While they are delicious enough to be considered as a delicacy, there are many people who can’t wait to try them. When you walk along the streets of France, you will notice nostalgia and tradition are mingled with a sense of creativity. It is a country of inspiration that touches the world around them. From delectable dishes to artisan qualities, it is worth having a quiet courage to wine and dine the best of France.

Ris de Veau– The star of the sweet bread show is none other than the pancreas of a calf. It is seared in flour and butter for a rich flavor. Mushrooms are graciously added for a finesse of taste. If you have doubts that this falls into a white or red meat category, it is safe to order a glass of red wine to sweeten the dish.

Lang de Boeuf– Tongue is sold around the world yet has an added charm in France. Chefs are trained to have a romantic presentation in all they do. It is customary to take the slab of meat and slice them into unrecognizable pieces when cooking. This disguises elements such as the taste buds that remain attached. The raised bumps and flesh color may not look as appetizing to guests. Aside from a clever preparation, Lang de Boeuf is told to be both tender and tasty.

Tripe- The appeal of Tripe is not in how it looks, or frankly even how it tastes. The draw to tripe lies in two places. The first is the health bonus from eating stomach parts. The other is specific to the fact it is slow cooked, infused with wine and a known French Delicacy.  Fresh herbs are used to add flavor and a flash of color to the lackluster lining. With escargots and foie gras towing in line, these three Delicacies are among the favorites of visitors in France. It is difficult to try new things, however delving into French’s flavorful flair will expand your perspective.


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