Street Foods in Paris You Must Try

In the past, the term ‘street food’ would have left Parisians to turn in disgust. Times have changed, and the same street food is now viewed as affordable gourmet food.  Besides, anyone travelling to a new city is not interested in spending time on having an elaborate lunch. Everyone likes to grab something quick and wish to use their precious time visiting landmarks. Street food has gained popularity with new delicious choices; some of the amazing street foods in Paris that are a-must-try include:

  • Falafels: This is a typical Middle Eastern food that is found in Paris, also known for the best falafels. Tourists visiting cannot afford to miss it, and at L’as du Fallafel, there is always a huge line waiting to enjoy these beauties first hand.
  • La Droguerie: Following a falafel, there is a need to consider La Droguerie, which is a dessert. Fortunately, it is on the same street as L’as du Fallafel. La Droguerie comes in tons of flavours, ranging from sweet to savoury ones. Just pick one that you fancy, and you would have done yourself a favour. Though the queues are pretty long in both places, it is nonetheless worth the wait!

The next favourite is Cantine California, offering the Californian flavours. This is found in three places famous for Cantine:

  • Wednesdays – On the food truck, between 11.30am and 2.30 pm at Marché Saint Honoré.
  • Fridays – At Marché Raspail.
  • Every day – At 46 rue Turbigo in Paris third district.

Their hamburgers and tacos are well-served, delicious and they offer quick service. The best place for Californian flavours in Paris is the Turbigo.

  1. Juicy Burgers: This is found at Big Fernand in the Montorgueil neighbourhood. A specific place for homemade hamburgers, you get to enjoy fresh ingredients with every bite at Juicy Burgers.  This place is small but highly crowded, so remember to take-away your food.
  2. Tapas: If you love Tapas, do visit L’Avant Comptoir in the Latin Quarter. You will appreciate the sophisticated bites. To add to the deliciousness, the staff here is amicable and will ensure you enjoy your meal. If street food is on your mind, visit this place, and try some appetisers too while you are here.
  3. Fish and Chips: Sunken Chip is the right place in Paris for street food. This restaurant is in the tenth Paris district at 39 rue des Vinaigriers. They offer great homemade sides and a variety of fish along with fish and chips, one of the best in town. Everything available here, the sauces, the chips, the desserts are entirely homemade.
  4. Delicious Sandwiches: Enjoy tasty sandwiches for lunch or consider a complete breakfast at Delicious Sandwiches. Visit the Frenchie to Go located in the Montorgueil neighbourhood, at nine rue du Nil for a mouth-watering experience. Though a street food outlet, this place is a bit expensive, however, worth every penny.
  5. Souvlakis: The most delicious Souvlakis are available at the Filakia fast food restaurant in the Montorgueil neighbourhood. It is located in a charming neighbourhood, close to the most famous landmarks. The lunch menu is not as expensive and worth every penny.

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