Michelin All the Way – Top Star Restaurants in France

Michelin unveiled the Michelin Guide France 2019, recently. There are 632 starred establishments which include 75 new establishments in this year’s guide. The new establishments are one, two or three stars; in fact, it can be termed as the ‘never-seen-before’ record level. Michelin’s Guide to France this year represents a gastronomically fascinating France, excelling on all fronts. Right from regional dynamism, to displaying new talented youngsters, the guide includes, for the first time, an extraordinary number of star-studded new restaurants led by women.

Food connoisseurs should save time for a meal at least once, in one of Paris’ top gourmet restaurants. These restaurants are world-renowned gastronomic establishments that have secured up to three Michelin stars for exceptional cuisine and service. The French selection in 2019 also includes 68 new one-star addresses. Many are led by young chefs showing real entrepreneurial courage and are brimming with talent and passion.


Mirazur is at the foot of the mountains protecting the Menton city and is led by Chef Mauro Coalgreco. It made its place in the 2019 Michelin guide France with three stars.  The chef gives his customers an enchanting and unique moment. The dishes offered here follow the season’s cycle and every recipe is magnified with delicacy. The sea and mountain products are used with subtlety, while the vegetables and fruits cultivated in the kitchen garden also reach the menu of Mirazur.  In fact, there are amazing surprises always with exciting presentations and a combination of bold flavours.

Le Clos des Sens

This year Michelin Guide gives Le Clos des Sens the highest distinction. This establishment is in Annecy-le-Vieux, and Chef Laurent Petit and his team are experts in lake sourced and vegetable cuisine. Chef Petit prepares exceptional dishes and liberally expresses the essence of herbs in the vegetables that he grows inclusive of the fish caught from the three lakes: Lake Bourget, Lake Geneva, and Lake Annecy.

La Maison Troisgros

This is a simple, elegant restaurant featuring the history of being born in France. This is a favoured establishment earning five stars for its inspired cuisine and wooden accents. The seasonal menu in La Maison Troisgros includes courses such as crayfish, oysters, and asparagus. Right from the first menu with each dish, a glass of wine is served. The a-la-carte menu features options such as eel, rack of lamb, and black truffles.

Maison Pic

This belongs to the renowned Chef Anne-Sophie Pic in Valence. The atmosphere of this restaurant reflects feminine leadership. It presents grey tones complemented by pink details. The decor reveals Japanese influence, but the cuisine is inherently French.  Even the Essential Menu in Maison Pic includes langoustine, plural tomato, dragon pigeon, and milk veal rusk, as some of their fine dishes. Besides the Essential Menu, it features a Harmony Menu, Discovery Menu, and Midi Pleasure Menu.

La Scene

Chef Stephanie Le Quellec LE leads la Scene, a restaurant at the Prince de Galles hotel. The dishes here are designed with accuracy and finesse, besides exhibiting a burst of intense flavours. The chef’s brilliance has brought this restaurant, two stars from Michelin’s Guide 2019.

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