Love, Lights and Valentine’s Day – Paris for Couples

Mainstream media and popular culture have ensured Paris’ place in the hearts and minds of almost every human being as one of the top tourist destinations. In every bucket list, it is almost certain that the City of Lights aka the “Culinary capital” of the world will be there. Although these titles may sound cliché, the city has lived up to every expectation and earned the right and reputation for them. Another great title that Paris has gained over the decades is the City of Love. The myriads of landmarks and the variety of romantic activities that you can experience in the city won its place as the ideal venue for Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Romantic Dinner in Paris

As the gastronomic center of the world, you may take your pick among the hundreds of quality restaurants for your Valentine’s Day date. Classy evenings are an option at restaurants offering gourmet tables and multiple courses. A romantic ambiance is also a possibility at budget-friendly but charming French cafes and creperies. Wine bars are in plenty where they offer wine tasting accompanied with plates of cheese and charcuterie.

Dinner Cruise at the Seine

Carry your romantic dinner to the next level by scheduling an evening cruise in one of the riverboats in the Seine. It is one of the most innovative ways to see more of the city scene at night as it will pass by various Parisian landmarks such as the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Tuileries gardens. Enjoy the cruise amidst gourmet dinners, continental-style dishes, and champagne with the background of private tables enlivened by the soft glow of candlelight and the sound of romantic music.

Movies in Vintage Cinemas

If what you are after is old-school classical romance, why not go into one of Paris’ old, iconic cinemas to watch a movie before your Valentine’s dinner? Parisian theaters still have their old, plush, red seats along with theaters set in the ornate, art-deco style. The best movie theaters play a mix of new and classic films which are available in French or their original languages.

Paris Chocolate Tours

Indulge your sweet tooth by making your Valentine’s Day in Paris all about chocolates – the iconic dessert that completes the romantic day of hearts all around the globe. You and your special someone could take a tour of the best chocolate shops around the city. The best neighborhoods that are highly recommended for chocolate lovers are in the Saint-Germain-des-Pres district and the Marais neighborhood. Both assorted and individual pieces are available for purchase. Enjoy your sweet delights while exploring the area or like a real Parisian, enjoyed with afternoon tea or wine.

Semi-Secret Bars

Aside from the wonders of concerts and cabarets in Paris, there are also numerous secret bars that couples can visit during Valentine’s Day week. If you are inspired by creative cocktails and vintage-style “speakeasy” bars, Paris will have a variety for you to choose from. Many of the bars are found behind “secret doors” or conveniently at the back of Italian diners. Some of the most popular hidden bars in Paris are The Library Bar at the Saint-James, Moonshiner at Rue Sedaine, and the Little Red Door at the Rue Charlot.

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