How to be French in France

Your itinerary when visiting France will include spectacular sites and experiences. Most countries who are often visited by tourists are welcoming to newcomers and understanding of their differences in culture. France is at the top of the list when it comes to the number of visitors they receive worldwide. With a higher status on the travel agenda, they uphold their guests to specific expectations. The French are friendly and diverse in their interests or talents. Charm and grace are cultivated in every corner of the country inspiring newcomers to meet the same elegant tradition.

It is easy to point out a Western tourist in the great cities throughout France. The French people are gracious hosts, yet they do appreciate when efforts are made to respect their way of life. Interestingly, there are many adventurers who have reported receiving a colder greeting or treatment along the streets of France. There are several reasons this would occur to tourists and there are a few ways to avoid standing out in a French crowd.

Speaking the French Language

You do not need to be fluent in French to have a successful trip. The key phrases used that will be a neon sign saying “TOURIST” are simple everyday terms. In lieu of saying “hello” say “bonjour”. This friendly greeting is used when entering an establishment, returning a greeting or approaching a conversation. Another commonly used phrase that should not be in your I’m in France vocabulary is excuse me. “Excusez-Moi” or “Pardon-Moi” should be stated if you accidentally bump someone or if you are trying to get through an area. When you say “Thank you” it is polite unless you are in a French city. Incorporate and practice “merci” as your go to token of appreciation.

Chatting in French Style

Meeting friends or acquaintances are acknowledged with a small peck on the cheek and a smile. Handshakes are appropriate for first time introductions or business endeavors. Personal space is important within the conversation. Try not to touch others whilst conversating and keep random hand movements to a minimum. With all of their vibrant daily tasks, the French are not prone to idle gossip. If you are looking to generate a chat or conversation, politics or the arts are generally safe to review. Unless you are close with the group, maintain poise and a classy demeanor throughout.

Looking the French Part

Looking the French Part
Looking the French Part

Contrary to popular belief, French men and women do not wear fancy threads every moment of the day. The trendy look is in conjunction with a busy day. The difference you may find in France from the rest of the world, is they do always appear well put together. Shorts and sweats are not seen often as they maintain a casual yet dressed appearance. Jeans and a blouse versus a t shirt will go a long way in social settings. They may not wear Chanel every day, yet you will find them stylish while performing mundane tasks such as errands or a quick lunch.

You do not have to be French to order your coffee or espresso at a local café or to fit in to the atmosphere. While visiting France, staying inside their lines of manners and customs will provide the benefit of blending into the scenery. It is inside of the circle you can appreciate the French and their classically timeless charm.

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