Haute Cuisine Paradise – French Truffle Hunting Guide

Truffles are of different types, and they mature at different times, depending on the region they originate from. This is the reason you can find various types and varieties of truffles throughout the year. These pungent smelling, haute cuisine enhancing wonders, are classified by season, color, and region. The white truffles are considered to be unique in comparison to the black truffles; the white ones grow in limited areas and latitudes. These have a unique feature and need not be cooked to reveal their intense aroma. On the other hand, the black truffles are available in more regions, and they feature a subtle bouquet of features, that is deliciously earthy, and can be had with risotto, meat, and pasta.

About the Popular Truffles from France

Provence is less popular for its truffles in comparison to the Perigord region. In fact, around 80% French production of black truffles come from Southeast France. The black Perigord truffle or the black truffle acquired its name from the Perigord region. It is harvested in late winter and autumn. It is commercially the second-most valuable species. Black truffles are associated with hazelnut, oaks, cherry, and other deciduous trees. The black truffles grow in France in the Perigord region with the hazelnut and oak trees found in abundance. Burgundy truffles may be found all through Europe, same as the black summer truffle. Typically, white truffles are located around the Piedmont region in the Montferrat and Langhe areas of northern Italy.

Tip: Anytime you consider going truffle hunting in France, always choose a tour for the expedition, which will include a meal with truffles.

How to Find Truffles en Route?

Truffles grow only in the wild, and so they are not easy to control. At the same time, their supply is irregular, one of the main reasons they are highly priced in France and all over the world. This also is the reason it is regarded as a gourmet product. In fact, there have been attempts made to grow truffles in farms, but it has not been successful. Initially, female pigs helped in digging up truffles. Later, truffle hunters abandoned using pigs to hunt for truffles as these pigs spoiled the truffle beds in the haste of digging them up. Apart from this, another issue was that the pigs ate away the truffles unearthed. Nowadays, dogs are used for hunting truffles. These dogs are trained to follow the truffle scent and to indicate the location they are present. The trained dogs help unearth the truffles without digging the truffle bed or eating them. In return, the dogs are given a treat. Generally, there is a need for a large team so that they can hunt a large number of truffles; this also becomes one of the main reasons for the high prices.

Cooking with Truffles

Traditionally, the black winter truffles were used to roast poultry and meat. However, many chefs prepare their dishes and just shave some truffle over, topping the dish. When truffles are stored with eggs, the eggs have the fragrant smell of truffle infused in them and your omelets will have deliciousness introduced.

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