Four Famous Faces of France

France is finessed with a balance of elegance and ingenuity. The beauty of the region is surrounded with captivating creativity that has aspired the world with hope, innovation and dreams. Over the centuries, theories and concepts were turned into a reality by some of the greatest artists and inventors throughout history. Most of us are familiar with names and a few faces, yet it is not often we reflect on the homelands of these legendary minds.

The Heroine of France Joan of Arc

A humble young lady led France to their first victorious triumph against the English. The 100 year war brought dark times to the country. Dressed in disguising clothes not befitting her traditional role, Joan of Arc set out giving honor and integrity the opportunity to win over haughty greed. The King was compelled after talking with her that she was the answer to his prayers. Her confidence led the way until she met an untimely demise. The English considered her a heretic and a treat to their efforts. They burned her at the stake leaving her memory to inspire the French from that day forward.

Explorations of Jacques Cartier

Not only was Jacques Cartier famed for his adventurous explorations, he also was a phenomenal navigator. Resources were limited in the 15th century making it necessary to use his keen sense along his journeys. He traveled with intention to Asia, journaled in Newfoundland and crossed the ocean on several occasions. Cartier was the first to document the St Lawrence River found along Canada and Northern America. He loved his country, however had the heart of an explorer. With courage, e met his destiny as a legend in geographical studies.

Impressions of Claude Monet

Renowned as a forefather of Impressionism, Claude Monet is a world famous artist. Seeing life around him through the lens of a creative spirit was evident through his works. Impressionism takes the defined lines of realism and merges them with a soft blending of color. In lieu of striving for perfection, Impressionism relied on the feeling of the subject. Monet painted pieces that held a large capacity for landscapes which is another keynote of Impressionistic arts. His works are displayed in museums to this day as he is a historical icon in art history.

The Knowing Name of Nostradamus

The Knowing Name of Nostradamus
The Knowing Name of Nostradamus

A particular name has resounded the past, present and future in a single breath. Nostradamus began with a penchant for medicinal studies. Understanding how the body and scientific theories worked together led him to powerful researches of the universe. Becoming an Apothecary, he lost his seat in medical school, yet found his true calling later in life. No one is quite sure if Nostradamus was a visionary or prophet as he has foretold countless accounts of future happenings. His detailed facts of events yet to be has baffled historians and generations for many years.

Taking the basics and making them extraordinary, we have mingled possibilities with opportunity. France has introduced us to hundreds of wonders and personalities. From first impressions to the travels of time and space, the French have fashioned a fresh perspective for us all.

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