Exploring the Gorgeous Gorge in France

It is an appealing thought of taking a break from the buzzing city and traveling to the mountains for a little diversion and leisure. After all, who doesn’t wish for some peace and quiet? The Gorges of Verdon is nearly 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) long and up to 700 meters deep. At the canyon end, the river by name Verdon flows into the Lac de Sainte-Croix, the human-made lake. This lake is green in color making you want to take a long relaxing dip. Visitors can go on a leisurely drive around Verdon Gorge, rent kayaks, hike, and even rock climb the massive limestone walls.  The Gorges of the Verdon River is magnificent and is also referred to as the ‘Grand Canyon of Italy.’ The canyon is famous for its exceptional beauty.

Surveying Gorges of Verdon

The best striking portion is between the Castellane and Lake of Sainte-Croix towns to the west and to the east respectively. It is highly popular as it satisfies visitors who prefer to drive over the highest part or wish to explore by raft, kayak, walking below the cliffs or along the river. Fishing and rock climbing are significant activities. The Gorges of Verdon canyon is nearly 700 meters deep, and it took about 2.5 million years to carve the gorges at the river. In 1997, the Natural Regional Park  was created aiming to safeguard the exclusive environment.

Driving A Car Around the Gorges of Verdon

The drive in a car over the Gorges’ top is around 130 kilometers long. However, this route can be slow and take a long time, owing to its spectacular views.  Many sites have small pit stops, allowing for visitors who wish to relish the sights. Though it is just a short walk, you will want to linger around a long time from the parking to the canyon edge. Thus, it is ideal for planning ahead and ensuring enough time so that you can finish the route. The most well-liked views are located in Point Sublime, and toward the west from the bridge. If you have sufficient time, you can include an extra trip along the edges. It is a popular route that many tourists take as well. It that also features stunning views. It is essential to be careful while driving here as the motorways are winding and less protected.

Hiking Adventures

There is a path passing 15 kilometers across the gorge known as the Sentier Martel. This is the point suitable for people who like to go on fantastic walks and are not afraid of high-points.  Of course, there is a need for essentials such as walking boots, water, and food. You would find minibusses and taxis to drive to your vehicle. The Styx of Verdon offers an attractive section if you are still in the canyon.

Rafts, Canoes and Adventure

Based on how experienced you are, there are several places to enjoy kayaking, rafting, and other available options. The section within Saint Andre and Allos is prominent during early summer and late spring with canoe adventurers. However, downstream has challenging rapids and is suitable for the more experienced canoeists.

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