Different Types of Accommodation available in France – part 2

Campervans visiting the Alps during winter

For those people who are on holiday in France and are really in search of cheap accommodation, the camp sites that are available in the mountain areas and southern parts of the country are the popular areas to visit. Many of the camp sites have access to the beaches and are the best ways for budget tourists to enjoy a holiday in the country. If the tourists bring their own tent, the costs can be kept to a minimum with the families being able to enjoy the shared facilities in the camp site that are a fraction of the cost that would be paid at hotels. Many of the camp sites also have pitches available for caravans and other mobile homes. They are particularly popular around the mountain lakes, with people bringing bicycles with them so they can explore the environments. The mountains are also home to the accommodation associated with the winter ski season. Generally people either stay in hotels or mountain chalets. The chalets are a unique form of hostelry with many of them been being specially modified to satisfy the needs of skiers and snow boarders. There are special drying areas and there may be copious space so that chalet maids can stay when taking care of the winter guests. As well as being a great place to stay in the winter they also offer tremendous value for summer visitors into the mountains. There isn’t the same volume of tourists in many of these areas in the summer and so to attract customers the prices are often cheap.

A canal boat operating in France

Another way to visit France is by staying in cruise ships berthed off the coast. This is particularly popular on the Mediterranean coastline and at Marseilles each year around one and a half million tourists visit the inland from their berth offshore. Many of these cruises visit other countries around the Mediterranean so these tourists will only be in the country for a relatively short period of time. This coastline is also popular for those staying in privately owned yachts that are moored off resorts such as St Tropez. The number of people who do this is few as the owners of these yachts are very wealthy and few people can afford to purchase a yacht or be lucky enough to get an invite to stay on such a vessel. There are many options for tourists who wish to visit and stay in France. They cover a wide range of affluence and people are able to pick what type of accommodation is best suited to their financial situation.

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