Different Types of Accommodation available in France – part 1

The luxurious interior of the Hotel De Crillon

The tourists who arrive in France are offered a wide variety of services, one of them is for the housing.  As well as being different in appearance, the accommodation will change in terms of price. The country is home to some of the most luxuriant hotels in the whole world yet it is still a great place to holiday for those people on a budget. Paris is home to some of the grandest hotels with great locations in the centre of the city. The Hotel De Crillon, A Rosewood Hotel is located overlooking Place de la Concorde, and just a single room for one person costs around 1000 euros per night. However, the hotel has every luxury one could hope for. It was recently reopened after a four year refurbishment that saw master craftsmen attempting to strike the balance between conservation and transformation. Even one of the world’s greatest designers, Karl Lagerfeld, was employed to design two suites overlooking the Place de la Concorde, combining 18th century design with modern day chic. The fine dining enables the hotel’s customers to eat the most refined food and the facilities include its own spa and swimming pool. The hotel is beyond the financial means of most holiday makers but there are other hotels in France’s capital city that enable tourists to stay at affordable rates, allowing them to visit some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. These hotels are often located in either one or two particular areas of Paris. Firstly, right on the outside of the city where the land is cheaper, so the rooms are less expensive. Secondly, in the centre of the city during the low season, when it is not popular to visit the capital. These areas are often the least desirable locations as they are situated near the industry and lower-class housing. There is an increasingly popular trend in France for tourists who visit not to stay in hotels but to rent out complete houses. The rise in popularity of web based sites like Airbnb mean that families will book houses in the cities that they wish to visit. It gives greater value to be able to rent a whole house and the added attraction is that families are able to do their own cooking and washing.

Condos available in Biarritz

The other popular way to rent accommodation is by renting condominiums. The city with the biggest variety of condos is Biarritz, found on the Atlantic coastline in  South West France. Some are really well furnished and are aimed at those tourists with plenty of income to spend. However, equally as popular are condos that are aimed at the budget travelers. Often two bedroomed, they are sparsely furnished but merely act as a facility for holiday makers to rest each evening before the following days activities. The region around Biarritz is famous for the surfers who are attracted for their favorite pastime on the Atlantic waves that crash onto the beach. Generally, the surfing community is full of young people, such as students, so for them the cheaper the condo, the better it will be.



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