Month: February 2019


Nothing Ugly About the Ugly Town of France – Niort Tourism

Highly acclaimed French writer Michel Houellebecq might have given Niort the title of ‘France’s ugliest town’ but don’t let the review deter you from discovering beautiful sights and historical landmarks in its vicinity. The city of Niort is located in the western region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine in the part of Deux-Sevres. […]


Scams That Tourists Fall Prey to in France

France, especially Paris is the most preferred destination for any traveler on the planet. Regrettably, with a fascinating history, magnificent cuisine, unique culture, lush countryside, stunning architecture, enviable shopping, and style, crafty-scam artists are looking out for easy preys. Bear in mind that, like all things French, the charming attitude […]


Haute Cuisine Paradise – French Truffle Hunting Guide

Truffles are of different types, and they mature at different times, depending on the region they originate from. This is the reason you can find various types and varieties of truffles throughout the year. These pungent smelling, haute cuisine enhancing wonders, are classified by season, color, and region. The white […]